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Engenia Technologies is a thriving global IT outsourcing company dedicated to providing flexible software services and solutions to a diverse international clientele. Our IT software and solutions have consistently delivered outstanding results and exceeded client’s expectations.

Software Project Outsourcing Model

Our significant experience combined with mature time-tested methodologies enables us to develop the right outsourcing strategy for each customer. Several years of IT outsourcing experience have shown that the majority of projects can fit our standard project outsourcing model. We highly recommend this scheme, for it has proven efficient and successful for a wide range of projects.

Project Staffing Model

Engenia Technologies offers an alternative approach to software development outsourcing. Our Project Staffing model allows you to :

Dedicated Team Model

India is an attractive destination for software development outsourcing. Engenia Technologies offers software development services based on the Dedicated Team Model. Software development specialists at our delivery centers will provide unique solutions to handle your business tasks. Corporate policy ensures smooth functioning of the development process and provides maximum efficiency of the dedicated team.